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Ken - Los Angeles

Great Choice!

Not that it’s a race, but I started playing very late and I wanted help in doing some serious catching up.  I couldn't be happier about my decision to take lessons from Pete.
What I like the most about with the way Pete teaches is that he doesn't simply show me how to play songs - he also explains why the songs “work”.  He also shares his opinions on what the artist might have been thinking while composing – pretty cool stuff.  As a result, my understanding of theory has grown as much as my ability to play.
Thanks Pete!! 


Gary - Burbank, CA

Pete Risi is very detail oriented and has a good curriculum. He is extremely patient and makes guitar playing easy and fun to learn. He strongly believes in the fundamentals of guitar playing vs. just playing a song anyway you can. I’m learning a lot more than I anticipated and he always uses examples from my favorite bands which really makes it click.

I’m a big Ozzy Osbourne fan and love all of his guitar players especially Randy Rhoads and Zakk Wylde.

When Pete came over I mentioned my goal was to play crazy train. He asked me to play what ever I knew and I showed him all three seconds of my guitar playing skills.  To make a long story short, we started with the fundamentals of alternate picking. It was very dull and sounded nothing like crazy train. Three months later I’m glad I listened to him and stuck to the exercises he gave me to practice between lessons. There's been a lot progression in my guitar playing and realized that I have a lot of practicing. With the right homework Pete gives me I'll be able to tackle lots of songs. Guitar playing is a true art and you can not rush it and take short cuts.

Overall I can’t ask for a better guitar instructor. He comes to my house every week for private lessons and he is always on time. He's very respectful and truly loves his craft. I plan to continue taking lesson from Pete for a long time and would highly recommend his services.  Put in the time and he will get you playing the good stuff!

Reina - Hollywood, CA

Whether it was taking piano, flute or violin lessons, ever since I was a child, it has been extremely problematic for me to commit to a particular musical instrument. However, since 2010, I've had the pleasure of having Mr. Risi as my guitar instructor and I have ever since been playing the guitar with great joy and excitement! It has been a wonderful experience having Mr. Risi's vibrant personality make his approach to playing the guitar fun, memorable and simple to understand that made the guitar seem less intimidating to me. His expertise and unique teaching methods are phenomenal. I am extremely appreciative of his constant patience and attention to every individual lesson we've had and will continue to have in the years to come.


Eric - West Hollywood, CA

The lessons are full of useful information to take my guitar playing to the next level.  We went over some new modes which I wasn't previously aware of.  I showed Pete a few new chord progressions I'd been working on and we worked on the best ways to solo over them.  I've been taking lessons with Pete Risi for about 2 years now and they are always incredibly fun and rewarding!

I've taken guitar lessons from several other guitar teachers around town, but I've got to say that Pete Risi is by far the most knowledgable, experienced, patient, and skilled teacher of them all.  My guitar playing has improved in leaps and bounds.  Not only will Pete show you how to play all of the classic guitar riffs, progressions, and solos that you love, but he'll also show you WHY they work and WHY they sound the way they do.  He shows you exactly how the guitar works...and how music works as well.  If you're looking to learn guitar theory he'll introduce you to that too.  He's quite friendly, patient, and overall a great teacher.  Punctual and affordable too.  Give Pete a shot, you won't be disappointed!

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